Safe Clean

Chemical Cleaning and Disinfections

HydroChem Group deliver a turnkey service providing a complete delivery of a water system for cleaning or making safe for use by ensuring all standards are met.

This is from Pre-commission cleaning during maintenance and handover stages. On line cleaning, post commissioning to solve operational problems or modifications to plant and equipment on sites.

Disinfection ensures water systems are free from microbiological and bacterial contamination which risks health.

HydroChem Group have dedicated teams of engineers who are trained and experienced to inspect drawings and plant, diagnose and give site specific method statements with recommendations and procedures for chemical cleaning and disinfections.

The scope is wide ranging for all types of systems in modern constructed sites. It may entail the cleaning and servicing from a single intervention to several visits and/or regular visits to reduce the risks of problems arising or re-occurring from the actions being undertaken. Assessing a situation in it’s early stages and introducing preventative measures can help to avoid more serious and/or costly remedial work further down the line.

HydroChem Group are registered to ISO 9001 2015 and is certified member of several organisations in the industry, notably Safe Contractor, Construction Line, (CSCA) Closed System Control Association and (LCA) Legionella Control Association to name a few. The objective of cleaning, flushing, and inhibiting for passivation is to remove debris such as silt, scale, iron oxide deposits and general detritus (contamination) that are present in a new or operational pipework system. Passivation inhibits the system from corrosion.

The process of the pre-operational flushing and cleaning becomes very important as these contaminants if allowed to remain in the water system would directly affect the cooling and heating efficiency and flows throughout the system. These contaminants also prevent the formation of a uniform inhibitor coating which layers and assist the passivating without would lead to corrosion on metal surfaces.


Cleaning of Water Systems BG29/2021 BS8552

Closed, cooling, chilled water systems, closed heating, hot water systems, feed heaters, heat exchangers, air conditioning, fan coil units, radiator circuits, chilled beams, steam boilers, laboratory sampling and testing.

HydroChem Group provides a full disinfection service for all water systems. Supplied water requires clean conditions and temperature storage to prevent stagnation and microbiological problems which can prevail in domestic and commercial systems. If allowed to be unchecked could cause illness and legionella problems.

HydroChem Group’s Engineers have been highly trained and are proficient with the experience of cleaning and disinfecting all water systems.

Water quality may suffer and the resultant scale, corrosion sediments, and microbiological problems could cause biofilm to proliferate this results in a worsening of quality issues the compromises hygiene. HydroChem use both standard chlorine-based disinfectants and the eco friendly Hydrogen Peroxide based products.

Disinfection of Water Systems BS 8558

Full Safe-Water programme support for buildings disinfection of mains water supply (municipal) Building water supply, hot and cold tanks (CWST) and associated pipework, calorifiers and water heat boilers, Commercial and Industrial procedural projects, laboratory sampling and testing can all be completed by HydroChem’s highly trained and are proficient engineers.

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We are leading supplier of Legionella compliance services, water hygiene risk assessment, water treatment, installations and maintenance.

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Assessing systems that may pose a risk to exposure to legionella, including humidifiers, air washers, emergency showers and indoor ornamental fountains.

Risk assessment

Ensuring all commercial premises have a statutory duty to control the risk of legionella bacteria in water systems. 

Safe Water

Protecting the public from hazards associated with bacteria in water systems particularly Legionella.

Safe Tower

Cooling tower system management, risk assessment and water treatment systems and chemical supply.

Safe Clean

We have dedicated teams of experienced engineers to diagnose and give site specific recommendations.

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We offer an extensive range of water treatment chemicals to suit all processes and requirements.

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Our protocols allow a building or site be kept clean, environmentally sound and free of contamination.

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