The safe control of bio film, bacteria, molds and fungus in the food and beverage industry is paramount. Our proven and approved SafeProcess system gives the client the comfort and satisfaction of knowing that the incoming water supply is free from harmful bacteria. This then has a knock on effect of ensuring ingredient water is free from bacteria. When used in conjunction with our SafeFog procedure and range of hygiene chemicals, you can be assured that bio film, bacteria, molds and fungus will be under control. In the fish processing industry the system ensures excellent quality ice and control of Listeria and Campylobacter. In the Post harvest industry, fruit and vegetable washing with our product extends product shelf life and does not release harmful byproducts such as THM’s. In the poultry and swine industry our system ensures that good health of the livestock is maintained, its especially effective on Poultry and swine Flu.When added to irrigation systems it ensures that plant rot, molds and fungus are controlled and crop yield is improved. 

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