A WATER treatment specialist has celebrated its long-standing contract with SMG, the global leader in managing event, centres, arenas and stadiums.

Hydrochem (UK) Ltd was called in four years ago to carry out maintenance at the organisation’s Metro Radio Arena, in Newcastle and since has developed a trusted partnership with the company.

The Metro Radio Arena has a capacity of 11,400, with latest figures showing that a staggering 750,000 people come through the Arena doors each year.

John Pillans, who looks after the plumbing at the Metro Radio Arena on behalf of SMG Europe, added: “We have an excellent relationship with Hydrochem which was initially set up four years ago when the company first started to send engineers to carry out the routine checks.

“We have three boiler rooms within the venue, and they are all checked regularly by ourselves. That allows us to monitor readings, check everything is in working order, and to identify any problems.

“If we pick up anything untoward, then it is always recognised early before it escalates into a bigger issue.

“It is quite a complex system when you consider the number of toilets, sinks and showers which are located around the Arena as well as the volume of bars, corporate areas and catering facilities which also need to be constantly monitored.

“But working alongside Hydrochem means we stay on top of the system, and their checks keep us safe and within the guidelines which is obviously extremely important for a venue of this size and the amount of customers who come through the doors each week.”

Hydrochem is the longest-serving water treatment specialist in the North East having been founded in 1987, and lists numerous health clubs, hotels and leisure facilities on its client portfolio.

It specialises in inspecting water systems, diagnosing problems and then supplying solutions across all water-based systems, as well as the likes of swimming pools and spas.

Hydrochem engineer Lee Smith said: “The work we carry out at the Metro Radio Arena involves checking temperatures of the water systems including flow and returns, the sentinel points and bacteriological quality of the water.   

“Despite the size of the Arena, everything is controlled from a main plant room where a lot of the work is carried out from

“We then systematically work our way around the venue to do checks on taps to ensure all of the systems are working correctly.

“SMG have their own maintenance team within the Arena who carry out their own checks, and the system is flushed through every week to ensure the risk of any issues are further reduced.”

The Hydrochem engineers visit each of its clients’ sites to carry out safety checks of water systems and make sure they are stay compliant with the strict regulations.

Hydrochem also uses their innovative Safe-Water facility, which has been devised to alert its clients of any issues they detect with the systems including temperature failures and microbiological failures.

For further information or a free consultation, please contact Hydrochem on 01429 860836.