WATER treatment specialist HydroChem is offering businesses the opportunity to avoid costly penalties by ensuring their safety practices are up to date.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has issued new guidelines that are now being enforced under the ‘Help Great Britain work well’ report, which covers everything from safety in the workplace to risk of infections through contamination.

HydroChem specialises in carrying out checks on domestic, commercial and industrial water systems, with early identification of any problems ruling out the risk of legionella.

Paul Abbott, water treatment sales manager and legionella consultant at HydroChem, said: “The HSE can carry out both planned and unannounced visits to any workplace, and while many people may assume their teams of inspectors just look for things like trip hazards and loose wires, they can also carry out checks on the cooling tower, water and more recently spa systems, which is obviously our area of expertise.

“The checks we carry out are done in three stages, firstly looking at where the water comes from, then checking how it is stored or heated or treated and finally how it is distributed through taps or showerheads or used for example throughout spa systems.

“There is a big focus on legionella from the HSE this year, and by carrying out a free audit on business premises we can identify any problems early and get them rectified.

“The main areas the HSE are checking are the Legionella risk assessment, written scheme, staff training and competence and the prevention and monitoring regime.

“We can also offer legionella training to staff members which enables them to become a responsible person for their workplace on legionella issues, as well as helping to update any systems or records which may not have been actioned for a while.

“The HSE guidelines are in place for a reason and as a business we welcome anything which can help reduce the risks across the board. But we are also fully aware that a business failing to act on those guidelines could be hard hit financially.”

Upon finding any areas that breach guidelines, the HSE has the power to take a variety of actions ranging from warnings to fines and prosecution. 

HydroChem, which is based on Graythorp Industrial Estate in Hartlepool, is now the longest-serving water treatment company in the North East of England.

The firm has an impressive list of clients, including Bannatyne’s, Bourne Leisure and the Marriott Hotel chain, and has teams of specialists working at sites across the UK on a daily basis.

HydroChem has expanded its workforce by taking on a team of new engineers, and specialises in assessing water systems, diagnosing problems and then supplying solutions to assist in the operations of steam boilers, hot and cold water circuits, air conditioning systems and building pipework infrastructure.

The company also uses the innovative Safe-Water facility, which has been devised to include risk assessment of Legionella and other bacterial issues.

To arrange a free audit from HydroChem or to discuss staff training, contact Paul Abbott on 01429 860836.